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Wednesday, July 05, 2006



Today's Courant editorial makes the absurd argument that because Ned Lamont's success as a candidate is supposedly based on "one issue," Lieberman is justified and correct in doing an end-run around the primary system in order to present his views to the entire electorate.

At this point anyone who repeats the Lieberman camp's line about Ned waging a "one-issue" campaign is willfully ignoring reality. But even accepting that characterization of the race as accurate, where is it written that voters aren't allowed to base their decisions on "one issue?" What possible rationale is there for claiming that this primary should not be considered valid for this reason - other than a sheer mendacious desire that Lieberman keep his seat?

The primary system has worked very well for Joe for the last 30 years. Suddenly, faced with the possibility of being held accountable by it, he's claiming it's not valid anymore.

If that's what he really thinks, he needs to withdraw from the primary.
At least they didn't pick up Lieberman (and NY Times' Anne Kornblut's) line that his position in support of the Iraq War is "principled." That is so sickening: that a politician gets to stick to his own misguided, wrong theories as long as he wants and he's not accountable for all the disaster because he's sticking to HIS "principles."

Politicians say they're running to "represent you." Lieberman's running to represent himself.
the Courant Editorial Board comprise themselves as mostly Republicans and if they would have gotten off their ass inthose corporate easy chairs of theirs they would have seen the many many positions Lamont has taken on a wide variety of issues.
Lamont has been multi-issue since day one. In New Haven, in January, at the library, he made clear that the war was an important issue but that energy, education, healthcare, jobs, transportation and threats by the Bush-Lieberman alliance to the Constitution of the United States were going to be important in his campaign. He has lived up to that promise.
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