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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Black Is White

Lieberman today:

"My loyalty to the Democratic Party goes back a lot further than his," Lieberman said Wednesday during a meeting with the editorial board of The News-Times. "Ned Lamont is less about his party than himself and his point of view."

"This Senate seat, in the beginning of the cycle, was a safe seat. Enter Ned Lamont," Lieberman said. "If he — as my mother would say, ‘God forbid’ — wins the primary, I’m not sure he would win the election. That hurts the prospects for the three Democratic challengers for the House seats."

Ned's the one being disloyal by refusing to support the winner of the primary.

Ned's the one endangering a safe seat by pledging a destructive independent run in November.

I'd call this type of stuff Rovian, but that would be an insult to Karl Rove.
I was going to post on his comment in the News-Times but I'm still recovering from being sick yesterday and reading that story made me ill.

Insult to Karl Rove...indeed.
The biggest reason why Lieberman should lose is his lack of integrity and his dishonesty. The man lies more than Pinocchio.

The second biggest reason is his views on all issues, not just Iraq. He's Senator For Sale not Senator of the people.

The third biggest reason is that Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin like him. If he's a centrist then DRacula is Clara Barton.

Big dave from queens
I've never been a big fan of Lieberman. But still, the sense of self-entitlement displayed in these quotes is breathtaking.

He clearly thinks the primary process is an unfair quirk of the system--an unfortunate technicality that just might rob him of what is rightfully his.
Oh my, I simply can't wait for the next poll on who will win this primary. Whatever support Lieberman had among Democrats is going to melt as fast as my kid's ice-pop at our cookout yesterday.
You can never insult Karl Rove enough, but Lieberman's arrogance is on par with King Louis XVI, the last king of France before the French Revolution, and it's the same kind of arrogance that our very own "King" George W. Bush shows. It's an arrogance born of narcissism.
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