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Monday, July 17, 2006


Joe's Next Ad?

Genghis Conn has a sneak preview of the script for "Swift Greenwich Republicans for Truth":

VOICE: Ned Lamont claims to be a liberal. But is he really? These Republicans tell the story.

(Cut to several well-dressed WASPs sitting in one room of a cavernous mansion)

MRS. PENNYWINKE-SMYTHE: (she is draped with two tons of pearls) Oh, yes, I served tea and crumpets at the meetings of the Greenwich Board of Selectmen back in those days. Mr. Lamont often talked about how much he hated things like the library, and school children.

VOICE: It got worse.

DUDLEY COVINGTON-ARCHIBALD: (in a top hat) Yes, quite, when we Republicans drew up plans to keep the rabble from (shudders) Norwalk, ugh, off of our pristine beaches, dear old Neddy used to cackle with an evil sort of glee. I must say, I found it quite becoming.

Mrs. Pennywicke-Smythe sounds like the epitome of Bar-don't-call-me-Barb-or-Babs Bush. I can picture her vividly here.
You guys are doing the work for you-dun-get-it-LIE-bermen campaign folks. They are so dumb they might just adopt this shit!
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