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Saturday, July 15, 2006


Saturday Morning Round-Up

Geesh.. I think we have a pot calling the kettle black situation... Joe is saying Ned will side with republicans? No, that's not a good situation because there is no "black" on Ned's part, it's more like the pot calling the grass black...! OUTRAGEOUS! Also, I'd rather have Ned buying his own ads, than Big Pharmeseudical buying Joes.. Besides, it's MoveOn, DFA, and the grass roots folks that make the Lamont campaign work!
I trust the Republicans in Greenwich more than I trust the Republicans in Washington.
The text isn't clear in the first photo--could you please take a better snapshot, if possible, or put in the text verbatim? Also, flip them over--whatever, so we can see who mailed them out.

Thought you guys could use a laugh:

It's the mirror rovian tactic.

Attack your opponent with your own weakness. It's an attempt to innoculate Lieberman from the legitimate charge that he's a neocon enabler.

Of course, it helps if you have the mindset of an 8 year old playground bully as well.
"Connecticut for Lieberman."

That shows the whole problem right there. It's not surprising that its not called "Lieberman for Connecticut." It reflects his attitude:

"Ask not what I can do for Connecticut - ask what Connecticut can do for me."
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