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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Sunday News Round-Up

Ray Hackett has gone over the edge.
Out in California, the San Jose Mercury News reports that Sen. Boxer is catching a large amount of flak for her decision to campaign for Joe.

a great story link!

here is my favorite citation from this story, which captures the essense of this issue:

A mortgage broker in Topanga Canyon, Dorothy Reik, said Boxer's decision ``shows she's part of that `old boys' club' in the Senate, where some sort of personal loyalty overrides your principles.''

the quesion is, is boxer a true member of the family of liberal Democrats, or is she a member of some wierd inside baseball dc beltway family that she has a higher allegiance to?

it is almost as if boxer and joe belong to some secret cult that transcends principles -

if that is what the senate has become, we need to break that sh*t up!
That Hackett rant is bizarre. He makes up for himself the idea that Lamont-supporting bloggers won't support the winner of the primary if it's Lieberman (not mentioning, of course, that Lamont himself has pledged to do so). He then spends half the column attacking them for it, without providing a shred of evidence that any, much less a majority of them, has refused to support Lieberman if he's the Democratic nominee.
Tparty, if you're giving Lamont's total contributions it would be good to have the total amount he's raised, as well as the total amount Lieberman has raised. As it is, there are only the 2-month numbers to compare the $2.5 million to, and it makes it look like Lieberman is right that Lamont is using his personal funds to outspend him.
kc- Updated the post.
More lieberman lawn signs are popping up in West hartford, at least. My fiancee and I have a stupid game we play where we say "Ned Lamont" every time we see a Lamont lawn sign. Until this past week, I only saw Lieberman lawn signs on Prospect up past Elizabeth Park (by the mansions up there). Let's just say that we can't go anywhere in West Hartford without saying Ned Lamont 4 or 5 times.

Thursday, I went for a bike ride around the neighborhood and saw the first clump of Lieberman signs. On that bike ride, Lieberman and Lamont were even. I realize it might be the neighborhood. I've heard that the area I bike through (basically on my way to Elizabeth Park or St. Josephs) tracks a bit more Republican, so it makes sense. This is the area north of Farmington between Quaker and Prospect. I live south of Farmington and my neighborhood is all Lamont...
I live in the Elizabeth Park-Quaker Lane area. On a bike ride last week which included the West End of Hartford, Lamont had Joe by about 2 to 1. There is a hotbed of simulated Lieberman enthusiasm over in the West End near Prospect, though.
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