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Friday, July 14, 2006


New Lieberman Attack Mailer

The 2Q FEC numbers are out, and Joe has already spent $5 million on this race. Now he seems to be dumping even more money on desperate attack mailers that feature this Rovian charge:

Just got Joementum's latest mailer. It has the usual negative stuff about Ned voting with the Greenwich Repubs but there's a new twist. They include a claim that Ned is "profiting from the war he claims to oppose" by investing in the defense industry. They don't go into specifics but I'm sure if challenged they'll cite the small investment in Haliburton Ned disclosed in an earlier financial report. I guess we can expect more of the same if Ned releases his tax returns.

Whatever garbage claim Joe is trying to make is completely refuted by the minor fact that Ned opposes the Bush-Cheney Iraq policy that has enriched the Halliburtons of the world, while Lieberman is its lead cheerleader while being by far the top recipient of contributions from the defense industry in Senate races this cycle (according to Opensecrets.org, he's received $158,000 from them).

This is exactly why the press needs to dig into Joe's campaign contributors now that the 2Q reports are out.

Because the very industries and lobbyists he disparages are the same ones who actually pay for Lieberman's attack mailers.
CEO's for Joe, from:

General Dynamics
Cisco Systems
Citigroup Property
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Southwest Airlines
People's Bank
ING US Financial Services
Loew's Hotels
Chiquita Brands

Joe has new third party video and campaign blog!

Also here's the Stephen Colbert take on Joe.
Keep fighting the good fight. Ned's da Man!
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