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Monday, July 17, 2006


Still Waiting

The Lamont campaign today released a detailed breakdown of his 2Q campaign contributiors, a list which included the great Connecticut Democrat Paul Newman, and which didn't include any money from Washington lobbyists. But Sen. Lieberman, whose campaign has been focused like a laser beam on attacking Ned Lamont's personal finances, has yet to release such a breakdown so we can know who's been paying for his $5 million-and-counting campaign:

Lamont's campaign released a breakdown of contributions Monday; Lieberman's campaign has released totals but not yet provided details about who gave what.

Update: Again...

There is nothing wrong with going after your opponent’s voting record or any other evidence of negligence in his public life, but digging into his bank account ... when these things have nothing to do with the performance of his public duties - past, present, or future - is wrong.

That was Joe Lieberman, in his 2000 book, In Praise of Public Life.
Still Waiting...
The Lamont campaign has still refused to reveal Mr. Lamont's federal and state tax returns for the public's right to know. Sen. Joe Lieberman has long time ago released all his tax information, but Lamont has decided to hide information about his pile of wealth from Connecticut's working families.
Again, this is what the Lieberman campaign wants to focus on, not as if there's anything more important going on the world today.

They have nothing.

But if they want to have that discussion, the official blog is happy to join in.
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