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Monday, July 17, 2006


They Have Nothing

Tim Tagaris spells out the difference between the issues both campaigns are running on right now:

There's a war(s) going on outside, 45 million Americans go to bed each night without health care, and gas prices are approaching $4 a gallon in some places. But to Senator Lieberman, there is no greater issue than Ned Lamont releasing his taxes. Why? Well, because they have nothing. He's wrong on the issues people of CT and the country care about and that's why voters are changing their minds. Does anyone really want to re-elect someone that thinks things are actually getting better in Iraq?

The New London Day proposes a debate that would actually serve Connecticut voters, one I'm sure that Sen. Lieberman, who has been frightened of engaging in any meaningful discussion of Iraq since the beginning of this race, will refuse:

The Democrats who will vote in next month's primary need to hear a substantive debate between Sen. Lieberman and Mr. Lamont on [Iraq], which is at the heart of Mr. Lamont's challenge and driving the increasing public support Mr. Lamont enjoys. Unfortunately, as of today, Sen. Lieberman, who has had only one debate with his opponent, has expressed no interest in taking part in another debate with Mr. Lamont.

Sen. Lieberman does the public in his state and a watchful nation a disservice by not debating this matter one-on-one with Mr. Lamont. A skilled debater, Sen. Lieberman ought to have no trouble articulating his own point of view on Iraq and defending it. An earnest debate focused on substance would not only help Democrats choose between the two candidates, but help everyone who views it better understand the complexities of this troubling national dilemma.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the other violence engulfing the region, things in Iraq aren't exactly getting better, either.

Sen. Lieberman owes his constituents a serious debate on the issues that matter to them, no matter what party affiliation he wants to put after his name. Instead, he's failing Connecticut as a senator in this capacity, as he has in so many others.
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