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Monday, July 17, 2006


Of Defense Industry and Big Oil Contributors

More diversion from Joe tonight:

"...[Lamont] has stock in 'Halliburton,' and he has stock in, more stock in some of the big oil companies. That's something for everybody to judge," says Joe Lieberman, (D) Connecticut.

"That would be a crime?" asks Mark Davis.

[Lieberman:] "Oh no, this is just public right to know."

In 2000, Joe thought talking about your opponent's personal finances was "wrong." In 2006, it's the "public right to know."

OK. Well, it's also the public's right to know the truth. So let's have a go at it.

Joe Lieberman wants to talk about war profiteering? He is the top Senate recipient of defense industry contributions this cycle - in either party. He strongly supports the disastrous Bush-Cheney Iraq policy which has enriched said contributors. Ned owned a few shares in defense industry stocks, without his knowledge. He is stridently opposed to the Bush-Cheney Iraq policy. Who is the one being bought off here?

Joe Lieberman wants to talk about being in bed with Big Oil? This is the man who voted for the Cheney energy bill that gave Big Oil obscene tax breaks, and has raked in tens of thousands of dollars this cycle, and at least one private jet flight, from a company that California's Attorney General called "Enron's twin brother." More on Joe's cozy relationship with Sempra Energy here. Again, who is the one being bought off here?

More Karl Rove tactics from Lieberman, trying to tar his opponent with his own weaknesses. Unfortunately for Connecticut voters during the next three weeks, Lieberman has a lot of weaknesses, $4.3 million in the bank, and no interest in talking about real issues like Iraq.

Update: Speaking of Halliburton, an emailer writes in reminding us about the jocular and congratulatory words Joe Lieberman for the recently retired CEO of Halliburton regarding the fortune he had already amassed back in October 2000:

LIEBERMAN: ...I think if you asked most people in America today that famous question that Ronald Reagan asked, "Are you better off today than you were eight years ago?" Most people would say yes. I'm pleased to see, Dick, from the newspapers that you're better off than you were eight years ago, too.

CHENEY: I can tell you, Joe, the government had absolutely nothing to do with it. (LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE)...

LIEBERMAN: I can see my wife and I think she's saying, "I think he should go out into the private sector."

CHENEY: I'll help you do that, Joe.

LIEBERMAN: I think you've done so well there, I want to keep you there. (LAUGHTER)

This should be circulated through Rapid Response: the MSM should be covering this.
It should.

But the MSM is just sounding the broken record:

"Ned Lamont added another 1/2 Million to his campaign"....

So friggen what. Its nothing compared to corzine in NJ in 2000.

But always fail to mention that Joey Joe Joe outspends us 2 sometimes 3 to 1.
Got a call from Quinnipiac Poll about the Senate and Gubernatorial race. The calling ends Tuesday, so watch for results on Thursday or Friday.
If you're lucky, you could get a bit part in Lamont the Movie.
Add Rush to the list of Lieberman fans.

Shays still loves him, too. Who needs Alan Schlesinger when we already have a Republican nominee!
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