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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Joe's Stealth Campaign

stealth campaign

Apparently Joe is sneaking back into the state today. The public never receives any notice of his campaign events. CTBob wonders why:

Then I checked into Joe Lieberman's website. I couldn't find a thing. Not one single publicized event where he'd be appearing. It seems that Joe is running a stealth campaign; where all his appearances are closely held secrets until after the fact. Joe seems to think he works much better in sound bites than when actually having to think and respond to honest questions.

And that makes sense, in a way...why would Joe want to hear from actual Democrats who may question his actions, such as his intent to flee the Democratic Party should they choose someone other than himself on August 8th?

According to CTBlogger, he's even been secretly collecting signatures for his new Lieberman Party in private, hiding from the public (who's going to be funding this new party, anyway?):

I guess his new political party will be private also. Petitioning for signatures in private speaks volumes about how strong his independent option is among your average everyday voter in this state.

And as Jane notes, Joe's stealth campaigning extends to secretly planning an outsourced smear campaign against Ned Lamont (Swift Boat much?):

Rep. John Larson convened a secret meeting on Saturday attended by CT-AFL/CIO’s John Olson (not-so-affectionately known locally as "Jimy Olson, Cub Labor Leader" for his diminutive stature) to go really, really sleazy and desperate on Ned Lamont. Lieberman has evidently tapped local Democrats to come together on behalf of his "Kiss My Ring" party so the smear won’t look like it’s coming from him.

Afraid to appear in public. Afraid to collect signatures for his new party in public. Afraid to stand behind his own smear campaign. All signs of a very confident candidate.

(Graphic from CTBob.)
Holy cow, what kind of political campaign is that? Can a "stealth campaign" really work?
What's up with Larson? Has he always put Joe before his party? Maybe the congressman really isn't THAT anti-war...
Poor Joe! He must be having nightmares about ctkeith driving the famous "Kiss" float around his house and having to face Maura who continually asks him why he's a "fair weather" Democrat. And from the darkness in his paranoia, he must hear the heckling of liberal bloggers calling him "George Bush's favorite Democrat" and "Fox News Democrat". And worse of all, he see's Ned Lamont winning on August 8 and on Nov. 7.

Lieberman's nightmares are my dreams.
Doesn't this all remind you guys of somebody else? Like our esteemed President, who only meets with the pre-screened faithful, who only ask pre-approved questions, at carefully scripted events with no untoward surprises or interruptions? This playbook seemed to work very well for W; no embarrassing comments or incidents or (worst of all) video.

Democracy, in the form of public appearances and "uncontrolled" public events, is darn scary and threatening to these folks. But, OTOH, Bush's (read Rove's) micromanaging of his boy's every word and gesture seemed to play pretty well with the public, too. Will CT voters disdain Joe's fearfulness and timidity, or, like the electorate at large vis-a-vis Bush, will they just not care very much, as long as the pictures are pretty?

Jane in Guilford
[OrangeTownBlueDem here] Joe's not collecting signatures in secret. It just happened at a private party. Actually, this is a far more efficient way for him to get the signatures - at events where he knows he can find his supporters.

I agree that his public events are non-existent or held on short notice, invitation only basis. But it's a bit much to declare that he's only collecting these signatures in secrecy. Especially only on one anecdote.
DTC members should resign if they sign Joe's petitions. They are disloyal dems.
I was very disappointed to hear that Larson and Olson are in "secret meetings" to sabatoge Lamont's campaign...Olson plays all sides against the middle...loves to hang with the leftists and secretly is tight with the conservatives...Larson is just sleazy and if he is helping Joementum collect signatures, then he is disloyal.
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