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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Lies and the Lying Senator

In the debate, in his ads, and in his attack mailers, Lieberman has repeatedly held up Ned Lamont's record as selectman as evidence he voted like a Republican:

LIEBERMAN: I have been a Democrat all my life. And I must say I laugh at Ned Lamont holding party loyalty up as a test of my candidacy. He fails that test. When he was on the Greenwich boards, he voted 80 percent of the time with Republicans....

His claim that these figures prove Ned Lamont "fails the test" of party loyalty is a lie. MikeCT at MLN takes it apart:

How does his record compare to other Democratic selectmen in minority seats? And what the heck do those people vote on, anyway? I was determined to crack this case wide open....

The bottom line: among 84 Board decisions, Democratic Selectman Penny Monahan sided with the Republican majority at least 99% of the time! (It may well have been 100%, but the minutes did not indicate who parted ways on the only non-unanimous vote concerning a "no turn on red restriction.") Ned's mere 80% concordance would seem to place him on the liberal end of the Greenwich political spectrum, just as his Republican colleagues have insisted....

Having combed every corner of the state in search of examples of bitter, partisan, town hall discord, I came up short. By Connecticut standards, it seems that Ned's purported 80% agreement with his Republican colleagues would rank him as a bold Democratic maverick. Case closed.

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