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Monday, July 10, 2006


Joe In Stamford Today

CTBlogger has a recap of Biden's no-show at Lieberman's event (it was because he missed the train.... wait, it was because he just came back from Iraq on Saturday), and Maura and Neal both were there and provide excellent writeups. Maura's conversation with her senator:

"My dad was a very loyal Democrat until he died. You mentioned how Irish American Democrats are great supporters because they're not fair-weather friends, and I totally agree. So why are you being a fair-weather Democrat, saying you'll only respect the results of the Democratic primary if you win?"

All of a sudden I found myself with a bunch of microphones in my face. Joe looked slightly stunned, and then started in on his usual talking points about how he wants even more Democrats to have a chance to vote for him in November and that not all Democrats know that they have to come out for a "hot day in August".

I said, "Don't you think Connecticut Democrats are smart enough to know on what day to vote?"

He said, "I hope so" and then started to wave me off.

Lieberman's reaction to her questions:

"Are you encountering much of that?" asks Mark Davis.

"Very little. I have to say that might have been a supporter of my opponent, I mean it, that's who I hear it from," says Lieberman.

Apparently Lieberman now thinks he shouldn't have to answer questions from "supporters of his opponent." And as Neal writes, he thinks he gets to screen which of his constituents are allowed into his unpublicized events.

His language and actions grow more Bush-like every day, don't they?
ugh...Republican censorship -- Joe has definitely morphed into Bush!

My hats off to you Maura and I hope this gets around the bloggsphere because Joe's answer was absolutely hideous! And your come back was perfect!

I wonder what’s going to happen if we get an early snow in November --are we going to have to cater to a special Spring Election for Joe..ugh!
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