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Monday, July 10, 2006


His Coffee May Not Be Bad

But Lieberman is fully within his rights to run attack ads about the singing.

Another amazing ad from Bill Hillsman:

this is a great ad!

it effectively goes after and neutralizes joe's negative nastiness, but in a way that is not defensive or angry on ned's part.

this ad works, and none too soon, 'cause this is all that joe can do at this point, ie, go negative and get dirty.
It's a great ad! Hillsman is brillant!
Lamont could redeem himself for that singing by promising to propose legislation once he's elected to ban kareoke in public spaces. That's one law I'd gladly support - bad singing may not be as dangerous as cigarette smoke, but it's definitely more excrutiating! ;) That ad is fantastic, though.

Sean Robertson
Just aired on WTNH @ 6:25AM
Ridiculously popular ad. It will probably go over 100,000 views at YouTube within the next 24 hrs.
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