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Friday, July 28, 2006


The Hug

Umm... is this even technically a hug?


CTKeith must be laughing even harder than Joe in that photo right now...

Update: From the comments:

Isn't it amazing that one guy with a really great idea, some buttons, and The Float could send the megabucks Lieberman campaign into paroxysms of fear?

Update 2: More on the Joementum 2006! bus tour from earlier today.

Update 3: A composite photo of the Peter Pan Joementum 2006 Tour Bus running into... reality:

According to Jane, 7 people showed up at Joe's events today. Total. And they were all at one event. This is what the senator calls "connecting with voters."
Isn't it amazing that one guy with a really great idea, some buttons, and The Float could send the megabucks Lieberman campaign into paroxysms of fear?
Heh, if that's a hug, what he had with Bush could be described in some pretty fun ways...
From :

"Speaking of Bubba, Lieberman staffer Marion Slimefels was passing out big bags of "hug" buttons showing a precious moment between Lieberman and Clinton, reminding everyone that Joe’s favorite position is always playing the Little Woman to men more powerful than he is. Then someone noticed that the buttons didin’t have the union bug, and the campaign people quickly began denying they had anything to do with them. My that AFL-CIO endorement from Little Jimmy Olsen, Cub Labor Leader sure is starting to lose its luster."

See also
Ctkeith (linked by Jane):

Heres a message for John Olsen,The AFL-CIO and every union member in CT:

Joe Lieberman,His Staff and his Campaign just gave you the Biggest F*#K You anyone who runs as a Democrat can. They think so little of you and the entire Labor Movement that having a union Shop make their "Hug Buttons" wasn't important enough to even think about.Your endorsement was the only thing that mattered,not your workers not your families and not the Quality of work union workers guarentee.

PS-Every Dump Joe Bumper sticker and "Kiss Button" has a union Bug. WHY? Because it was that important to us that we made sure of it.
Damn, I messed up the first link in the last comment. Sorry. It's from Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake.
a non-union button to boot. Joe gives the finger to the AFL-CIO.
Kos has this on front page of Daily Kos http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/7/28/22135/4462
Lieberman looks pretty hysterical in that photo - is that his "thank God he didn't miss the train" look?
It all depends on what the definition of "hug" is...

Congratulations! Two separate people, friends from New Haven and one from Old Lyme asked me if I knew what "the Parade" was about today (One had seen float on news, one saw it in person downtown New Haven). I explained, and they've been directed to www.nedlamont.com!

The "tomorrow tour" bus melts anonymously into the casino-bound traffic, but EVERYBODY loves a parade float!!
Also on Atrios and Steve Gilliard.
More kick the snot out of Joe. Just a few days left before the election. What's everyone going to do when the elections over? I know maybe try and defeat an actual Repub?
i hate to puncture your bubble, but all you Ned supporters seem to be grossly overestimating your candidate's chances of success on Aug 8th. Here is a NY Times article that hopefully brings you down to sobering reality.


As the article makes clear, the fact of the matter, a small 3% of people in the nation matter more than the 97% remaining because they wield disproportionate control of money and votes, the critial fuel for a politician's success in life.

"A loss of Jewish support could hurt the party’s chances of regaining control of Congress in November, those Democrats say".

So chuckle all you want about Lieberman's ineptness, but the 97% of people in this state or for that matter, don't matter. Thinking otherwise is to go back to your bubble and think rich thoughts.

Good Luck!
Millionaire lawyer Joe Lieberman is widely loathed in Connecticut for betraying us with the Iraq war. And ignoring his constituents. Joe's vast special interest funds warchest may be enough to overcome this.

But then again it may not.
Good point. Joe is the rich one in this race.
Big money. Lieberman has been taking in six-figure sums almost every day since July 20.

On that day alone, Lieberman collected an estimated $139,300. Lamont reported $2,000. The contrasts continued: On July 24, the senator took in $127,600 to Lamont's $4,100. The next day, the gap closed a bit: Lieberman, $39,400 to Lamont's $12,200.
Hey, a Peter Pan bus!

That's a Springfield, MA, company. Why not use a CT bus company, like Dattco?
I love all you CT bloggers! World peace and piss on LIE-berman!!!
Is this supposed to be their way of fighting back against "The Kiss"? If so, it's way too obvious.
Peter Pan Bus Lines, Inc... That would be located at 1776 Main Street, Springfield, MASSACHUSETTS 01103...

What ever happened to bringing jobs to connecticut? We have two perfectly good charter bus lines based right here in Connecticut: Double-A Transportation (647 Cromwell Avenue; Rocky Hill, CT, USA 06067) and DATTCO Inc (583 South St, New Britain, CT 06051).

Also note that the former, Double-A has it's headquarters office a mere 3.8 miles away from the Lieberman campaign headquarters in Rocky Hill...!

About the HUG...
1. What's more intimate.. a hug or a kiss?
2. Is that even a hug?
3. The button is NON UNION MADE!
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