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Friday, July 28, 2006


Friday Morning Round-Up

Lots to get to this morning:

Has anyone seen or met people collecting signatures for Lieberman's independent run? The question of who's organizing it - or not organizing it - is important, but shouldn't the question, "Is it even happening?" come first?

I haven't seen any petition gatherers and I've only heard one report of people out collecting signatures.
The Groton DTC unanimously passed a resolution last night:
It is the sentiment of the GDTC that all Democratic candidates should respect the process and support the winners of the Democratic primaries.
I have an very promising idea for the upcoming Lieberman public appearances.

Someone from Connecticut with a Bush mask and wearing a suit should visit Lieberman events, in a non-disruptive way, holding a sign saying "Bush Loves Lieberman" or "I Want Another Sweet Lieberkiss".

The guy in the Bush mask wouldn't confront Lieberman or even get near him. It would be very low key, almost respectful performance.

The Bush guy could just hang out by the periphery of the Lieberman event, handing out "The Kiss" buttons and saying: "Stay the course with Lieberman and Bush" or "support my war - stick with Lieberman", etc.
I think this is a very cool idea. Tim?

On a related note - Bush is down to 27% approval in latest Q-Poll.

Surely we can capitalize on this somehow??????
Mr. Lamont seems rather selective in his opposition to wars.
Mr Lamont like Mr Bush thinks that Israel should be allowed to pummel Lebanon until it's reduced to rubble - at least that's what he seemed to say on the Brian Lehrer show last week.
No need for an immediate ceasefire?

Did I misinterpret?
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