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Saturday, August 19, 2006


"Circular Firing Squad"

Nope. Can't use that metaphor to refer to this race anymore.

Any "circle" started to break up on July 3rd, when Lieberman declared he would not accept the results of the primary, and officially broke up the minute the Lieberman Party was founded on the night of August 8th. Since that night, Lieberman has run straight from the Democratic circle to the Republican circle, adopting Cheneyist messaging on security, attacking Democrats on Iraq, working to win over local GOP leaders, and hiring a Democrat-slaying pollster who is working for Republican candidates in a state which is a crucial battleground for control of the House. Lieberman has clearly left the Democratic "circle" and run straight into the Republican circle of Rove, Bush, Cheney, Gingrich, Kristol, Rell, and Mehlman.

I agree with Sid Blumenthal. This is now a battle of primary importance for Democrats and others who want to hold Bush accountable. What level of time and resources this race deserves is certainly debatable. But the question of whether it is somehow still an intra-party dispute is not.

This is now a fight between parties, not within one.
From a piece on TPM Cafe

CT-SEN: Shays To Hold Hearings On Iraq War

It looks like there are cracks in the ranks:

Republicans in swing districts are beginning to waver

Republicans in swing districts are beginning to waver. In an interview from Israel yesterday, Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.) said the political will of the United States is being stretched to the limit. He promised to offer a time frame for troop withdrawals when he returns next week from his 14th trip to Iraq.

Shays plans to hold three hearings next month to explore whether Iraq is heading toward democracy or civil war, a state parts of the country are already in, he said. "I am more pessimistic, clearly," he said.

On Thursday, Rep. Michael G. Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) wrote a letter to constituents declaring that he was saying no to "President Bush's 'stay-the-course' strategy" in Iraq.

It looks like the solid front on the WOT is going aWol.
TPM reader DK is a good writer (usually quite similar to Josh it seems) but he's wrong on this one. This race is going to garner national attention no matter what. Do we want a Senator running against the Democratic candidate, echoing Cheney talking points, supposedly from a "Democratic" point of view, to be allowed to go unchallenged? If we do that, then we would be as much as conceding in front of a national audience that Democrats are weak on security, when in fact it is the Republicans (including Joe) who are endangering our country, and the Democrats who have the sane policy.
But Lieberman ISN'T a Democrat. That's why it IS a circular firing squad.


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