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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Q-Poll: Lamont 54%, Lieberman 41% (LV)

New poll:

Said pollster Douglas Schwartz: "Sen. Lieberman’s campaign bus seems to be stuck in reverse. Despite visits from former President Bill Clinton and other big name Democrats, Lieberman has not been able to stem the tide to Lamont."

The trend is as clear as these things get. Lieberman was up 55-40 (+15) in June, Lamont was up 51-47 in July (a dead heat), and Lamont is up 54-41 in August (+13). That's pretty much a straight line of Joementum. And Connecticut Democrats like Ned more and more (he's +10 in favorability since July).

Expect Lieberman's desperate irrelevant attacks to be stepped up even more. They've got $10 million to spend and everything to lose. Sen. Lieberman knows that Ned wins on the issues, so he won't discuss them.

And the truth is that no one knows what a likely voter is, not Quinnipiac, not any other pollster, not either campaign. Given Lieberman's huge cash advantage, this is still anyone's race. Get out the vote!
And the media is going to do whatever it can to tighten this race. (In the last 24 hours we've seen them only begin to get in the mud.)

Write letters. Knock on doors.

This race changes everything.
This is the fastest simultaneous, cross-blogosphere announcement I've ever seen :)
Breaking statement from the Lieberman campaign:

Wait, which one is Lieberman?

Sorry to cross-post this from MyLeftNutmeg, but had to get it out of my system!

Will Joe Lieberman take his Springfield, Massachusetts-based Peter Pan Bus to the DATTCO Bus Company HQ in New Britain to see how business is going, and deliver some compassion for Jobs leaving our State? How about CHIEPPO? Another great Charter Bus Company, with great employees (Harder for him to find, they're in... NEW HAVEN)??
Actions DO speak louder than words, especially when there are no words for this type of blatant betrayal of Connecticut Businesses.

Someone please tell Mr. Lieberman he's got his hand signals wrong, too.
Instead of the "Thumbs UP" at every "Massachusetts Party-Bus-Tour" departure, he should be using his MIDDLE FINGER.
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