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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Thursday Morning Round-Up

(Photo of Jesse Jackson and Ned Lamont by Melissa Bailey for the New Haven Independent.)

Five days... volunteer!

NPR? Joe's skipping NPR?

That's insane. If there's any outlet left in the world that would endorse Lieberman's strange brand of neutered liberalism, surely it's NPR.
Are there any quotes anywhere in the last 3-4 years where Joe has "questioned the way it was being executed?" Fox News? CNN? Anywhere?!?
"it" refers to the war in Iraq in the above post.
When is Ned Lamont going to apologize for allowing his mouthpiece, Jane Hamsher to craft a racist fake photo as a smear to attack his opponent?

This was extremely offensive, his attempt to claim that he "knows nothing about the blogs" is patently false. Hamsher raised money for Lamont, he brought her with him on campaign stops and rallies. He selected her as his blogger of choice, and gave her preferential interviews. Perhaps Lamont feels entitled to the senate seat and not having to answer truthfully about his relationship with this elitist and racist blogger. Sorry, but if he believes that senators need to be accountable, then he as a candidate needs to be accountable for his agent, Jane Hamsher.
Actually, I heard Joe on NPR just yesterday. It was Day to Day or Talk of the Nation.

And to anonymous, Jane is not a racist, nor is she elitist.
Nor (cough) did she craft the photo in question. Someone named Darkblack volunteered the photo, and she allowed it to run alongside her piece.
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