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Sunday, August 20, 2006


Sunday Morning Round-Up

The entire Courant editorial "looks to be" written tongue firmly in cheek. that it isn't just makes me shake my head in disbelief.

Quiz question: How often do you have to write Loser before it clicks in that this may not be a good thing for your candidate?
Not just loser, but "sore loser."

Maybe we should enshrine Lieberman as a principled, Sore Loser candidate. It could appeal to the loser demographic.
TParty....you are 100% correct about Farrell...

At the start of the war Farrell in her role as 1st selectperson of westport was presented with an anti war resolution for the westport council...she took the lead in killing it...

If she had even an ounce of integrity she wouldnt have endorsed Joementum in the first place...now...after getting political "whiplash" for her fast Lamont support...she looks like a hypocrite.
I didnt know that towns declared war?
democrat, hypocrite? Naw couldnt be. Tell me it isnt so.
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