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Friday, August 11, 2006


Friday Morning Round-Up

Very interesting about the petitions. I collected petitions for an insurgent candidacy once and there is no way I believe that 29 people collected 18,000 signatures. It takes hours to get 10 signatures! I could see it if all the signatures required were "close personal friends" of Lieberman but 7500 is too high a number. He couldn't have the Democratic party apparatus of committeemen collecting signatures for this, which is the normal way to meet signature requirements. And he kept it secret so it wasn't done by people coming in and responding to an appeal for signatures.

It looks very fishy.
It would be rather poetic if the percentage of valid signatures "Joey Two Times" paid to have collected was only 40%.
Wouldn't they be better off trying to get Schlesinger to drop and and putting Lieberman on the Republican line?
I tailed one petition collector at the Hootie concert, watched him collect three signatures WITHOUT ID's... which is strictly against election code. You might think that the clerks have to check the records, so it doesn't matter, but anyone could write their friend's name down..!
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