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Wednesday, August 30, 2006



He really needs to go back to metaphor class:

"The idea of the Lamont campaign posing as guardians of the truth has about as much receptivity as John Karr heading the FBI," [Gerstein] said, referring to the man who offered the now-discredited confession to killing JonBenet Ramsey.

Dan should really just sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunrise.
Stupidity! Dan should sit back and enjoy the SUNSET......
Dan Gerstein's command of the English language is almost as remarkable as his perception of reality.
Huh? What the heck does this mean? It is about as bad a soundbite as the Jack Hanley ad is a political ad. It figures, since he is apparantly the only person in the universe who actually believes that the setting sun in Santa Barbara, CA is a sunrise and that any one picked up that the ad was a parody. Self-parody seems to be the consensus if that is what he meant.
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