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Saturday, August 26, 2006


GOP "Clearly Invested in Ned Lamont’s Defeat"

Jennifer Medina gets some even more explicit remarks from Howard Wolfson in today's Times:

That strategist, Howard Wolfson, said Mrs. Clinton wanted to throw her considerable political weight behind Mr. Lamont because the national Republican Party “is clearly invested in Ned Lamont’s defeat.”

“I think they are going to do what they can to see him defeated,” Mr. Wolfson said, adding that he was particularly concerned with “Bush-Cheney talking points.”

“They are going to attack him in the way Republicans do,” he said, “and he obviously needs to be and is going to be prepared.”

And from Hillary:

“I think on nearly every issue we are closely aligned,” Mrs. Clinton said of Mr. Lamont later in the day, after an event in Amityville, N.Y.

And Gerstein's only play is to hit back with is more Daffy Duckesque spitting and fretting about the pitiful politics of partisan polarization presently pestering political parties:

Dan Gerstein, a spokesman for Mr. Lieberman, said that he was skeptical of the level of support that Mrs. Clinton was offering, calling it typical of the “partisan playbook.”

“We will be curious to see if and when Senator Clinton shows up with Mr. Lamont, whether he will turn around and distort her record, too,” Mr. Gerstein said.

After the primary, it has become increasingly clear that GOP Joe and Karl Rove intend to use the standard Republican playbook to defeat Lamont.

Calling him a terrorist, impugning his patriotism, lying about his record, the whole thing. Lamont is going to be tarred and feathered by the Republicans. We have to make sure that tar doesn't stick.
Of COURSE the GOP wants Lamont defeated!

Many republicans say that after winning in November Lieberman is planning to resign to take the position of Secretary of Defense. Afterwards the republican Connecticut governor would appoint a republican to replace Lieberman in the senate.

Lieberman is now calling for Rumsfeld’s resignation and campaigning with republican candidates.
Is Dan Gerstein seriously an idiot? I mean, does he think it's clever to suggest that Ned Lamont would trash the record of... someone who is actively supporting his campaign? That Ned Lamont is such a bad guy, any sitting senator who gets within 100 miles of him will get smeared, just for the sake of it?

On the snark-meter, out of 10, that remark gets a negative suck.
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