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Friday, August 04, 2006



(Ned at the Machinists' Union rally yesterday, courtesy of the official blog.)

This race is very close, and Sen. Lieberman has by no means given up. Given the constant spin from the insane amount of local and national media coverage, it's impossible to divine what he's up to, if anything. He may only now be realizing that winning on August 8th is his only route to victory in November. The extent to which the field campaign is being cut seems to have been greatly exaggerated by their own campaign. Lieberman staffers are taking their $60 a day and knocking on doors and making phone calls at this very moment.

GOTV: the only thing that matters.
The "scrapping of the Lieberman ground effort"? Total sucker punch.
If anything, the robocalls are increasing in frequency.
I am a Lieberman staffer and I have been paid $0 for my contributions to this campaign. I spent 7 hours working today and 9 the day before, and I have neither been offered nor accepted any money. I am a volunteer and I am proud of it.
Poor Richard ....you sucker! Why? When they are others paid $60 a day for doing less .....
Who would be dumb enough to VOLUNTEER for Lieberman? I just can't even begin to imagine that.
As a Canadian Moderate voter, I find it shocking that you would eat one of the true JFK-Scoop Jackson, type of Democrat. Do you want the Democratic tent to get smaller?
You are all behaving like a bunch of Extreme right wing Republicans. If Lamont wins this will backfire.
Toronto Ontario Canada
Yes, Lieberman IS in the Scoop Jackson tradition. Yet another GOOD reason to dump him. We didn't need knee-jerk cold warrior extremists then and we don't need American jihadists now. Lieberman has been a consistent supporter of a militarist foreign policy all his life. And Canadians, other world citizens AND Americans should be fed up with the Pax Americana that these imperialists want to impose on the world.
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