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Friday, August 04, 2006



Gets it again:

So Lieberman isn't losing because a blogger lurks behind every tree in Connecticut's bosky dells. He is losing because Connecticut Democrats, like Democrats everywhere, have had enough of the war in Iraq, and because they have the one and only Democratic senator who's put himself on record not merely in favor of the war but in opposition to those who would criticize -- or, as Lieberman would say, undermine -- the president for his initiation and conduct of that war.

Many of my fellow pundits read all kinds of sinister meanings into Lieberman's pending defeat, including a purge of moderates from Democratic ranks. But, as Michael Tomasky demonstrated a couple of days ago, the moderate forces within the Democrats' Senate delegation are still very much alive and well. Next Tuesday, in fact, Connecticut Democrats will be doing exactly what small-d democratic theorists would have them do: decide an election by opting for one clear policy alternative, as personified by one candidate, over another personified by the incumbent.

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