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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Kerry: Lieberman's Words Are "Scare-Tactic Bunk"

On The Young Turks tonight, Cenk Uygur asked John Kerry about Sen. Lieberman's comments that the Democratic party's policy on Iraq would strengthen terrorists. Sen. Kerry's response:

That's bunk. That's scare-tactic bunk. And it's an unfortunate statement from somebody of Joe's quality, and I regret it....

I'm not going to stand for those scare tactics, that's exactly what the Republicans have been doing for the last years. They avoid a real discussion by throwing out a slogan and they scare people....

It's a disgrace that people are playing to the lowest common denominator of American politics, which is fear.

Bravo for Kerry. And bravo for everyone who stands up and calls Bu**sh** to this disgraceful tactic.

But I don't think it's enough anymore to just cry "shame" on the smear machine. Democrats need to point out how weak the Bush administration actually is on issues of security.
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