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Monday, September 04, 2006


Blog O' Joe

I agree with Atrios. Joe's new blog - if it includes comments at all - is likely to be used solely as flypaper for trolls which they can then quote and send out press releases about. His campaign is already forwarding reporters press releases about offensive anti-Joe comments found on other websites. I'm sure they'll be shocked - shocked! - to find offensive comments in an open online forum!

So don't fall for it. And if the new blog is indeed a genuine effort at engaging his supporters online, more power to him (although I wouldn't hold out much hope for that).

It's also worth noting that this won't be Lieberman's first dalliance with official blogging. Anyone else remember 2003-2004's "Blog for Joe"? (As opposed to Dean's "Blog for America," of course.) The Wayback Machine does:

"blogforjoe (n.): BlogforJoe is the official blog of Joe Lieberman's campaign for President in 2004. Check back often for news and views on all the latest developments in the campaign. Post your own comments, and invite your friends to do the same! Joe Lieberman's campaign is one of ideas -- add your own!"

congrats, dude! great news!

now what's this I hear about Lieberman dissing Lamont at an event today? Apparently CNN was playing video? can't find it though. hook me up, brotha.
Thanks twb... The CNN video is available here.
Someone should post such a reminder in the first few comments of every new blog post on that blog.
Am I right that the opening of Joe's website is today, Tuesday? I checked this a.m. and it still is under construction. Maybe later today.

Please, everyone, there will be enough planted trollers on that site, keep the conversation civil. If the press is checking, which they will, wouldn't it be more effective to have Lamont supporters welcoming the new forum as a place to discuss the issues?
Tuesday, 10:17 a.m. and no Joe blog. Same old, same old.
Tuesday 12:51, and no blog.
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