Disclosure: I worked for the Lamont campaign doing web design and production and some writing for the official blog (from 9/5/06 to 11/07/06).

Monday, September 04, 2006


New Job

Way back in February, in the very first post on LamontBlog, I wrote the following:

I hope this site will be a central clearinghouse for news and information relating to Ned Lamont's 2006 primary campaign vs. Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT). While this is certainly a pro-Lamont blog, be assured that this site is unfunded, unofficial, and unaffiliated with any campaign. (Any change to this will be noted prominently.)

Consider this a change that is being noted prominently. As of tomorrow (Sept. 5th), I will be taking an official position with the Lamont campaign with the internet department. I will be primarily doing production work behind the scenes, as well as some blogging on the official site. I am very excited about being able to help out in this new capacity for the next two months.

I will also continue to write on LamontBlog - with the campaign's permission - under a clear disclosure of my new position. All previous posts have been completely unauthorized by the campaign (though obviously, hardly objective). Since the day I started LamontBlog in February, the work I have tried to do here has been single-mindedly focused on getting Ned elected to the Senate. That obviously won't change now.

Looking back on that first post, written before Ned even officially announced his run, I also wrote this:

Opportunities such as this, both to change the party and to change the national conversation, do not arise often in politics. I hope to explain in detail in later posts why I believe Ned Lamont's candidacy presents just such a golden opportunity: why he should run, why he can win, and why the race itself will - win or lose - be a greatly positive exercise for both Connecticut and the nation.

I believe all of the above is true, and I believe achieving all of the above is possible.

I still believe all of this this is true, and more than ever, I believe it is possible.
Congratulations, tparty! I hope you will have time and/or help to continue this site because it is always my jumping off point. I would dearly miss it.
Congrats Tparty. Does this mean you will continue to stiffle the opposition?
Congrats on your new position tparty! I was on the inside for a while, but they wouldnt let me blog! :( Oh well, have a good time, its a blast!
Second the congratulations on joining Team Nedster. Stay focused. Work smart.

Touch base here when you can.
kudos and congrats - I love your blog. It's a must read several times a day. You've done an outstanding job. All senatorial campaigns should have such a terrific "unofficial" blog following the comings and goings and such.

You deserve the job - you must know how many people are reading this everyday. You've played an important role in Ned's success in the primary - seriously - they're so lucky to have you on board!!!

good luck!!!
So you got the job? Congratulations!

But I echo the above comment. While the official blog is fantastic, THIS is my first stop every day for news on the campaign--your morning roundups are indispensible! I hope either this function will move to the official blog, or it will continue here.
Congrats tparty! Enjoy helping make history.
Congrats tparty. Your site is my main source of info on the CT-SEN race. Here's to seeing lots more of your coverage in the months ahead.
Wow, I'm very humbled by all your comments. Thank you all so much for your kind words.

I really hope to be able to keep this blog going as it always has, while contributing to the official blog by doing write-ups of events, etc. We'll see how it works out going forwards, but LamontBlog is not going away.
I too count on Lamont Blog for all my Lamont-y news! Keep fightin' the good fight, Mr. T. Party!
Congratulations! I am regularly in awe of your ability to turn up information and stories that no one else would find, and to make keen interpretations that others never would. Your writing is consistently insightful, witty, and pithy. You manage to get to the heart of a story in a sentence.

You are one of the best bloggers (and writers) around, and you will be a great asset to the campaign.
Well-deserved! Glad you'll be lending your considerable talents to the campaign.
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