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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Sec. Of Defense Lieberman

For all the talk about Lieberman being appointed Sec. of Defense or some other Bush cabinet position (talk about the DoD position specifically goes back almost a year to this Daily News piece), it's telling that the most Sen. Lieberman can ever muster is a non-denial denial.

Connecticut voters - and especially Connecticut Democrats, the party to which Sen. Lieberman still claims to be so "devoted" - deserve to know whether the Senator will stay in office longer than a few months if he were to win.

Will Sen. Lieberman unequivocally rule out accepting any appointment to the Bush cabinet while he is a sitting Senator?
Here's how I see this playing out: Bush wants to drop Rummy to prove he's doing something positive in regard to the war. He'd love to have Lieberman replace him as Secdef, but he'll wait until AFTER the November election to offer his the job, so if Lieberman wins as a CFL candidate, Republican Gov. Rell will get to appoint his replacement, giving Bush another Republican Senate seat.

This might explain Rummy's incindiary rhetoric lately; he's making it easy for his boss to fire him.

In other words, this might actually lead to "Senator Schleshinger".

And we all thought he was an impossible longshot!
I'm off-topic here, but can you link to the new Ned Lamont commercial? Unfortunately, I picked it up when it was almost over, but it is a much more powerful presentation than the ad from "Veterans for Freedom." I thought it was an absolute gem, rather than an easy satire of the sunset/sunrise ad. A marvelous contrast to think of the good stuff.

Congratulations. I hope to see the full ad at some point.
I havent seen (other then at the official blog) any commentary on this "internal poll" that Lieberman's team released showing a supposed 16 point lead in the race. Now, I know its internal, and I know other polls show neck and neck, but rather then the official team dismissing it, shouldnt they be releasing their own internal polls to counter this perception he's "way ahead"?
Why bother? The only polls people pay attention to are the so-called independent polling outfits like Quinnipiac, Rassmusen, Zogby, Gallup, ARG, etc.

Also, Joe's luck with pollsters hasn't been that great lately:

Polling company owner pleads guilty to fraud
I don't see Lieberman giving up a 6 year term as senator, if he wins re-election, for a 2 year stint as Sec. of Defense. Lieberman is more valuable to Rove and Bush in the senate where he can stifle investigations into the Bush Admin than as Sec. of Defense presiding over a failed war policy.

The only way I see Lieberman getting the Sec. of Defense job is if Lieberman loses re-election.

And if Lieberman wins re-election and does what you say and replaces Rumsfield, Rell will not appoint Schlesinger. She did not favor him as the Republican US Senate nominee. It would be someone else.
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