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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Senator Pariah

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank has a very different take on what has been described elsewhere as an almost triumphant return to D.C. for Joe:

You could feel the temperature drop as Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut entered the Senate chamber yesterday for the first time since he lost his Democratic primary last month and became an independent candidate.

Democratic leaders Richard Durbin (Ill.) and Charles Schumer (N.Y.) kept a safe distance. Christopher Dodd (Conn.) gave him a perfunctory handshake. Harry Reid (Nev.), the minority leader, turned his back; when Lieberman approached, Reid indulged him in a quick handshake then quickly busied himself in another conversation....

"Hey, you know, that's politics," Senator Pariah told reporters who besieged him off the Senate floor. Lieberman reported that, privately, "some of the Democrats said, 'Sorry it didn't turn out better, but we hope you come back.' " He added, wryly, "I won't disclose which one said that."

It probably wasn't Dodd. Speaking to reporters off the Senate floor, he chided Lieberman sharply. "Joe made a decision to do what he wanted to do, and other people respect the decision by voters," he said angrily. "You don't just disregard that, okay?"

Update: m palmer in the comments:

"I won't disclose which one said that."


"I won't disclose which one said that."

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