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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Changing a Failed Policy in Iraq

The message of the new Ned Lamont ad launched today is sober and simple: Sen. Lieberman's support of the Bush-Cheney policy in Iraq has made us less safe, at a terribly high cost to our country.

And continuing to support politicians who support failed policies at home is one of the worst possible disservices to our heroic servicemembers and their families.

Watch the ad, and tell Sen. Lieberman his continued support of Bush's failed policies - and his acceptance of TV ads from right-wing forces like Bill Kristol and Dan Senor who were key architects and managers of these failed policies - does not support our troops:

This election is serious. It's about changing course in Iraq, and changing failed policies at home and abroad. Bill Kristol, Dan Senor, President Bush, Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove all desperately want Sen. Lieberman to stay the Senate so he can continue to defend their failed policies.
Top military leaders insist new U.S. strategy is desperately needed in Iraq
McClatchy Newspapers

"The problem thus far, as you know, has been lack of serious planning, poor selection of people in charge ... screwed-up assessments and assumptions, no building of international and regional cooperation, trust in non-credible exiles and too much spin and ad hoc-ery," said retired Marine Gen. Tony Zinni, who formerly headed the U.S. Central Command
The apparent loss in Afghanistan as British and Canadian troops are savaged by a resurgent Taliban ought to be a big campaign issue here.
Our son is one of the names read. We would give anything to have Jacob back. His entire family and friends were cheated of a wonderful man. We, his family and the American people were lied to. This war must end before one more person hears the terrible news that Jacob's father and myself heard. He is in our hearts but he should be able to be in our arms and daily life.
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