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Monday, September 25, 2006


On Message

The Cheney-Lieberman tag team was 100% on message today.

Cheney today:

Cheney in particular attacked Democrats for turning their backs on Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, now running as an independent after losing his state's Democratic primary in August to anti-war candidate Ned Lamont....

"For the sake of our security, this nation must reject any strategy of resignation and defeatism in the face of determined enemies,"

Lieberman today:

The truth is, Lamont’s plan is not a plan for changing course. This is a plan for giving up in Iraq....

...his plan is not just a bad idea, but a formula for defeat and disaster.

I think what Cheney meant to say after the release of the NIE report was: "Democrats are soft on expanding terror."

And let's see, Lieberman -- the war in a Iraq is not a symbol of continued defeat and disaster? Is he writing a personal buck-up letter to the 4,000 families of the soldiers who are being "detained" in Iraq? What's his new plan by the way? I'm waiting with great anticipation.
I'm not sure what you're trying to point out. Terrorists are horrible awful people, they come in all sizes shapes and colors and they don't care about anyone's politics except they're own.
Alan, and so is Bush and his blind followers who want to use terrorism to exploit good people who just want to make sure our government and President are held accountable when they break the law! Yeah, terrorist are horrible people who don’t give a damn about constitutional laws, so does that make it right for our President not to care about our Constitution as well? You know the difference between a democracy and a Republic? A democracy is one person, one vote, majority rules. A Republic is one person, one vote, the Constitution rules and that’s why our Founding Fathers fought hard to give us a Republic so we could avoid the tyranny of the majority. And, right now, Bush’s “rubber stamping” congress is allowing him to act like a tyrant! It's time for you to wake up Alan because when a President doesn't feel he has to abide by our Constitution, the terrorist have won!
Ah yes, but the constitution is not a suicide pac. I curiously wonder whent he democrats will stop the rhetoric that encourages the terrorist to fight on. The rhetoric that makes them believe that we have almost made them "cut and run". If you want to criticize the prosecution to the war there is plenty of fodder there, but criticizing the necessity, saying it is unwinnable, accussing the soldiers of atrocities, and the like does nothing but encourage the enemy plain and simple. I understand why Nancy Pelosi does it--she is a no talent hack with the lust of power in her eye and it suits her purposes. And I understand why the kumbaya crowd does it, because "if we only talk to them everything would be ok." But I cant understand why the vast majority of decent democrats think that their parroting the talking points does anything constructive. It is time to give up the Bush lied bullshit because that is just what it is.
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