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Monday, September 04, 2006


Quote Of The Day

"When I bump into Sen. Lieberman I'll say 'watch out' because we're going after the same voters."

- Alan Schlesinger (R-CT) at the Newtown Labor Day Parade today.
Well, that makes Schlesinger quite a bit more honest than Lieberman. Actually calling it as he sees it. So, Republicans out there basking in Leiberman's neoconservatism - not to mention his very effective sabotaging of the Democratic Party - who do you want to have your vote:

(1) The lying pretend-Democrat who has demonstrated a total willingness to harm his party for the sake of his own personal ambition;

(2) The straight-talking real Republican who is trying to work for and within his party, even when its own unprincipled leadership throws support behind the "Democratic senator"?

The first candidate has repeatedly acted in his own self-interest at the expense of both his party and his constituents. (Remember when he left his senate seat vulnerable to the other party by hanging onto it while running for V-P in 2000?)

The second candidate not only speaks more honestly and openly, but shows strong party loyalty.

It's not generally wise to trust people like Lieberman, with histories of betrayal. They are not on anyone's side other than their own. Though they will bring their assets with them to whatever group to which they attach themselves. What are these assets? Lying, betrayal, a "me first" value system which doesn't truly have any values at all.

If I were a loyal and principled Republican voter, I sure know who would get my vote - and it wouldn't be the guy whose last name begins with this syllable:

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