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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Joe's Dirty Tricks Fund

Here's the documentation (all in Joe's FEC report, available for download):

July 25: ($5,000)

July 26: ($34,000)

July 26: ($23,000)

July 27: ($32,500)

July 31: ($1,056)

August 2: ($67,500)

August 2: ($6,000)

August 4: ($135,000)

August 7: ($5,005)

August 7: ($75,000)

Including an additional $3,500 that was also itemized as "Petty Cash" (but marked for gas/water/food), that's a grand total of $387,561.

In a comment at MyDD, Adam B notes the relevant FEC law:

A political committee may maintain a petty cash fund out of which it may make expenditures not in excess of $100 to any person per purchase or transaction. If a petty cash fund is maintained, it shall be the duty of the treasurer of the political committee to keep and maintain a written journal of all disbursements. This written journal shall include the name and address of every person to whom any disbursement is made, as well as the date, amount, and purpose of such disbursement. In addition, if any disbursement is made for a candidate, the journal shall include the name of that candidate and the office (including State and Congressional district) sought by such candidate.

Gee, imagine what the media would be doing with this if it was Ned Lamont's campaign. They'd force him out of the race.

Almost $400,000 already identified as not having an actual receipt, just a journal entry. Theres no reason to believe this money wasn't journaled in under $100 amounts to made up names so that it could be actually disbursed in large chunks to unidentified people. The OBVIOUS implication of not having receipts or Social Security numbers is that the journals are made up information; its not that hard to get receipts and Social Security numbers and its too strange not to have them to account for such large amounts.

Imagine having a business and being able to petty cash yourself a few thousand dollars a day tax free and you just have to keep a journal with a list of names of people who can't be found to confirm that they got the money and won't be reporting the money on their taxes. It really can't be legal or everyone would do it. Why pay income taxes or FICA at all?

The NY Times wouldn't operate like that - no receipts for hundreds of thousands of dollars of expenditures - in the middle of a war or a typhoon.
Can this information be "slipped" to the Media and television stations? Jack Cafferty and Keith Olbermann would love to see this...bet Keith would do a piece on it.

Wouldn't it be nice if the Courant put this in the paper?? After all, they will have endorsed the Democrats as of tomorrow...how can they endorse Old Joe with this type of information???

I would do an an with this type of info in it...he can't deny it..it is now public record...then ad a picture of the fellow with the turban and the sign and say see!! That should rattle his cage!!

Thanks for listening...and I will be watching the results!!

I'm getting a file corrupted message when I download this (huge) pdf file.
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