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Monday, October 09, 2006


Lieberman Campaign Mocks DNC Chair

Firedoglake catches the Lieberman blog mocking the chairman of the Democratic party:

If you have not had a chance to check out Ned’s new ad, please do (Quicktime). It’s a scream.

Howard Dean would be proud.

Not to be cute. But has anyone asked Howard Dean if he is proud of Ned Lamont?
I could never imagine how anyone could see fit to mock DNC chair Dean. YEOWWWWWWWWWWW. After all, he has done so much to earn the respect of so many. LOL
I love low information voters who bash Howard Dean. He was right about Iraq, and his domestic agenda is almost entirely in step with what a supermajority of Americans want - health care and fair trade. He wanted to roll back the tax rate to what it was under Bill Clinton. How radical!

But he talked loudly and passionately! He's unstable! Give me more tepid promises with no hope of making a difference! I'm a low information voter! Mocking Howard Dean is so much fun! Who cares if millions of children don't have the healthcare that Vermont kids got under Gov. Howard Dean? That's not as important as my clever zingers!
Funny how right Howard Dean was about a lot of things-Iraq, North Korea, etc. Mockery of someone who was quite prophetic.
Don't be too hard on energybanalist -- he has no policies to analyse. As joejoejoe said, give me a screamer who actually has something to say without whining any day.
It's so easy to be so right about everything when you spew a pile of shit and non-sequiturs and claim it is your policy. The guy is the lowest common denominator of the looney left. Analyze policies AH? Yeah right. Coming from you, the king of no ideas, that's a compliment.
We're all waiting for the big ideas from the democrats. oh wait here they are:
1. Leave Iraq NOW and treat our allies the same way we did in Viet Nam
2. Provide more aid to NK and hope that they keep the promises they make
3. Nationalize healthcare so only the truly wealthy can afford health care. We know that the government does everything better than the private sector just look at the post office

But why quibble on the details, they really never were hd's forte.
Wow, energybanalist, do you type all of this yourself or has Edgar Bergan been resurrected from the grave? I've already read that Rush/Hannity/Faux have made these points. And, does your mother know you swear so much? She must be upstairs, go ask her.
Well AH, then once again they are correct. How are you making out on that word of the day calendar AH. Oh, mom says hello, but she does get angry when I engage in a battle of wits with the unarmed. Have you gotten to the end of article I yet?
Word of the day is schimpflexicon. I'm collecting your posts. Say hello to your mom for me when she has your dinner ready.
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