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Monday, October 09, 2006


Partisan Frenzy

52% of Americans think Hastert should resign.

Yep, and while rolling out his regurgitated "plan" for protecting our children, Lieberman protects the protectors of pedophiles. He just can't miss an opportunity to bash Lamont's accurate portrayals as negative campaigning. Negative campaigning to me is anything that comes from a chronic liar.
Great talking point AH. Where is that one from? Olberman? LOL
Oh, energybanalist, sorry, don't have cable and don't watch T.V. Just wondering how Lieberman can be so concerned about child welfare when he takes money from Sempler, a notorious child abuser.
Lieberman's comments look like pandering to Republican voters.
oh, then you were lying when you said how you watch "faux". LOL
Mel Sembler may have tortured children, but he raised lots of money for Joe. That makes him a fine fellow in Lieberman's eyes.

Hell, I'm sure Joe would welcome Mark Foley with open arms if he managed to raise a half-million clams for him.

Small wonder people think career politicians are whores.
@energybanalist -- Faux news and CNN are on the internet -- so good try.
AH, they have snippets on the internet not live feeds. Try again
cat got his tongue in you AH? Havent seen anything on the constitution. hmm. Just like your lack of comment on Vietnam after I refuted your inane comment. Btw, what's the word of the day AH?
@energybanalist: surely you don't think I have to comment on everything you have to say. I try to limit my responses to moronic comments re: the Vietnam war -- how old are you anyway? And re: the Constitution, I actually read and understand it. Try again.
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