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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Quote of the Year

“The Foley case bothers people,” he added. “If anyone thinks they can make this into another partisan flap, it’s not. It’s very real and human. The House Republican leaders and, frankly, the Democratic leadership, should not make it partisan.”

- Sen. Lieberman, yesterday on FoleyGate.
Wrong there Joe. Your lefty friends have no shame and dont care what lies they spin if it might mean a extra chance to resume power

It was Republicans who leaked the emails and IMs to the press after getting no satisfaction from the Repug leadership.

Analyse THAT, Mr. EA.
you spell that Analyze. Really, now. And who says that, the LIBERALS? LOL damn fools
You beat me to the punch, but energybanalist is just trolling here because his own site doesn't accept comments.

Disclosure: He doesn't like me.

The only thing wrong with this post is dubbing it the "Quote of the Year." I thought the Interrogation comment on Imus was the tops -- but there are so many to choose from it is hard to distinguish which is worse.
@ Sharoney:

Oooops, you did it now. You know how the Lieberman camp hates misspellings.

Ignore his comment because to energybanalist, Sean Hannity is a liberal.
Right. Of course. Ignore his comment because you can not dispute the fact that he is correct. Typical dopey liberal
@energybanalyst. Should be a period at the end of "Typical dopey liberal" -- or is it a "comma"? Hey, do you also believe in Intelligent Design? It's not working.
witty comeback
@ energybanalist: Hey, thank you.
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