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Wednesday, October 04, 2006



Simply disgusting.

Here's the verbatim transcript of Joe's "joke" about torture from the end of his interview with Imus (audio).

"I have particularly appreciated your interrogation of some of the other Democratic elected officials. And I'm very comforted to know that your interrogation is not covered by Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions."

He also refused to call for Hastert's resignation in the interview.

"The Conscience of the Senate."

Write a letter to the editor and express your outrage.
I haven't listened to Imus in years -- but my recollection was that he was a wing-nut "shock-jock" of the high school level. First, why does Mr. Conscience of the Senate repeatedly appear on his program since he professes to be a bastion of public morals? Second, he is ecstatic about a wing-nuts interrogation of "other" Democratic elected officials -- good one, Mr. Republican. Third, he is reiterating his utter disregard for human rights (his vote on the Terror/Torture Bill said it all for me -- until now). Anyone who jokes about interrogation practices and disregard of the Geneva Conventions is not fit to serve this State or country.
you're a damn fool. Where exactly does the bill allow torture that is expressly outlawed by previous legislation. Nut job. Check you facts
Ummmm, why don't you check "your" facts. Like, for instance the signing statement after the McCain Feingold bill, the freedom the of the administration to define torture, the exoneration of those who have tortured, the detainees who can be held indefinitely. Of course, you have to live in your head and I would call that torture.

Next time you correct Sharoney's spelling, make sure you check your own. Thanks.
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