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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


"The Whole Thing Starting to Unravel"

Michael Ware of CNN (via Taylor Marsh):

Update: More from Ware:

Listen, Wolf. This is the way to put it in a nutshell. If the US continues its policy and operations as they are now the situation will worsen and the enemies of the US - principally al Qaeda and Iran - will continue to strengthen. There's a number of options that are presented to Washington at the moment. They either do this or they don't do this. They either need to get serious about the battle here on the ground - physically against al Qaeda and the insurgency - and commit the troops that the commanders need, or they need to look for alternative solutions. At the end of the day what they're facing is the potential of most of this country being subsumed by a Shia-led theocracy-style government with other parts of the government left as Western al Qaeda desert training camp facilities. To avoid that something radical has to be done. So Colin Powell is right. Staying the course will only strengthen America's enemies.

The Norwich Bulletin has 30 brief videos of Lamont, Lieberman, and that other guy from their editorial board meeting.

Colin McEnroe interviewed Ned today (mp3) about Iraq, foreign policy, and education.

He said something about a debate in 10 days (?), and that Lieberman has agreed to three debates. So are there now final dates and times for debates in addition to October 23?

Colin also talked to Ted Kennedy about his appearances in CT for local Dems, Constitutional rights, and No Child Left Behind.
Also UCONN is currently conducting a poll on the Senate & Gov election.
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