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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


"Very Good Things"

Bumped and Updated: Sen. Lieberman, from June (via Atrios):

BRIDGEPORT — U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman believes the U.S. will withdraw a "solid' contingent of its military forces in Iraq by the end of the year because of gains made by the Iraqi armed forces.

"There really has been progress made by the Iraqi military," Lieberman said Tuesday during a meeting with the Connecticut Post's editorial board. "Two-thirds of it could stand on its own or lead the fight with our logistical support."

The three-term U.S. senator said he believes a complete withdrawal is possible by late 2007 or early 2008.

Sen. Lieberman, back in March:

Three more years

We're talking about 2006, 7, 8... that's three years. And I believe that a lot of very good things can happen in three years in Iraq that ideally would allow us to remove every American soldier who's there today.

New York Times, today:

NYT headline

Monday’s loss also represented one of the highest nationwide death tolls for American troops in the past year. In late August, nine soldiers and a marine were killed in a day. But before that, the last time eight or more soldiers were killed in hostile action was last November.

“Obviously this was a tragic day, with eight killed in 24 hours,” said Lt. Col. Barry Johnson, a military spokesman.

The deadly day set back efforts by American and Iraqi troops to tame the sectarian violence that continues to besiege the capital. Since August, the military has made securing Baghdad a priority, pouring in additional troops and conducting neighborhood sweeps.

But the violence has continued, spiking over the last week with the start of the holy month of Ramadan. Military officials said last week that suicide bombings in Baghdad were at a record. At least 17 soldiers and marines have been killed since Saturday, most in Baghdad or Anbar Province, where fierce fighting continues between marines and Sunni insurgents.

According to the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, an independent group that compiles figures based on information from the American military, 74 soldiers and marines were killed in Iraq in September, the highest number since April, when 76 died.

Bad news is good news right tparty. Pathetic
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