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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Rick Shelby Gets What He Pays For

In addition to Bush college roomate and GOP mega-fundraiser Tom Kuhn, last week's big-money D.C. fundraiser for Joe was also hosted by GOP operative and energy industry lobbyist Rick Shelby:

“Also among the Lieberman event's sponsors was Rick Shelby, a longtime Republican operative who is executive vice president of the American Gas Association. The luncheon's sponsors pressed fellow Republican lobbyists to pay a minimum of $1,000 a ticket.”

That's Rick Shelby, co-host of a huge 2005 fundraiser for Tom DeLay.

That's Rick Shelby, who won $1 billion in federal tax breaks for natural gas companies in the 2005 Bush-Cheney Energy Bill... that Sen. Lieberman voted for:

The American Gas Association, whose senior vice president, Rick Shelby, is a “host” of tonight’s event, is the industry association for natural gas corporations. Those companies will receive $1 billion in natural gas pipeline tax breaks from EPACT.

Rick Shelby gets what he pays for. What else is he getting from Sen. Lieberman?
They are also those companies that produce and deliver natural gas to heat your home, power your business and maintain the US economic position in the world, but why split hairs right tparty
"When these political action committees give money, they expect something in return other than good government." -- Bob Dole, 1983

I believe Ned Lamont is not accepting most kinds of PAC money. (I think he has accepted money from "Leadership PACs like Hillary Clintons.)
Actually, most of his money comes from moveon.org. That which is not his that is. www.opensecrets.org
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