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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Will He?

It comes down to this:

Will he absolutely promise to caucus with the Democrats, period?

Why? Here's why:

Joe reportedly promised Harry Reid he won’t run as an Indy in exchange for Primary support
“I was told by a Reid source that in return for Harry Reid’s endorsement of Joe Lieberman to Connecticut delegates, Joe Lieberman has promised to rule out a run for Senate as an independent.”

Bob Novak claims GOP funding Joe in hopes he’ll flip
The luncheon’s sponsors pressed fellow Republican lobbyists to pay a minimum of $1,000 a ticket. Lieberman has announced he will stay in the Democratic caucus if re-elected.

But Republicans backing him against anti-war candidate Ned Lamont, the Democratic nominee, hope for a change of heart by Lieberman.

Joe threatened to leave party if stripped of seniority
“Lieberman said he would keep his senior position in the caucus, even though he lost Connecticut’s Democratic primary, and is running against Democratic nominee Ned Lamont, whom the Senate Democratic leadership has endorsed.

“That’s what I’ve been told,” said Lieberman in an interview Friday, before Congress recessed for the election. “Caucuses like to keep as many members as they can, not discourage membership,” implying that leaders risk his defection to the GOP if they strip him of seniority.”

Republicans Raise $$$ for Joe in Hopes he Flips
“A luncheon, hosted by President Bush’s college roommate, Tom Kuhn, cost $1,000 a plate for the former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, an an effort to push the candidate closer to the GOP if he should indeed win reelection in Connecticut.”

Joe claims committee seniority more important than Party
“The critical thing is to caucus with the Democrats because if you don’t caucus with a party, you don’t have the opportunity to hold your seniority in the committee assignments that you’ve got and that’s important to the folks back home.” – Joe Lieberman

Doesn't sound like the answer will be "yes."
wait a minute. I'm pretty sure you people have been pretty clear where you stand on this guy. Why in God's name would you want hime to caucus with your democrats?
No Show Joe only has allegence to himself. Even if No Show Joe decides to caucus with the Dems, it doesn't mean he will vote with the Dems.

When it comes to King George, No Show Joe is a Repug all the way, no matter which party he caucuses with!
Right, Joe votes the way he thinks is best. He doesnt jerk his knee when Harry Reid pulls a string. How terrible.
If it comes down to one vote, Lieberman will be with the Republicans. No way is he going to give the Democrats subpoena power to investigate all the lies that got us into the Iraq war. Like he said, "Some of my best friends are neocons."

energyanalyst - You don't think Joe Lieberman would have even won a seat in the state legislature without the Democratic Party, do you?
It's not a surprise if he doesn't. He's looked like he was headed towards the Republican side since he saw that he wasn't going to get the Democratic nomination for President in 2004. He probably would have jumped parties before if he hadn't deluded himself into thinking that he had a chance to become president, which he would have had to do as a Democrat because there is no way in hell that the Republicans would nominate someone who was Jewish.

Since the best he can hope for in electoral politics is Senator he'll try for that and as you say above, he's got no hope if he runs as a Republican. If he wants a cabinet post he'd do better as a Republican since he's done everything possible to damage the Democratic Party, was a total disaster as a VP candidate (can't help himself from damaging Democrats, even if it means he might benefit) and he can't keep his mouth shut long enough for discretion.

I'd say the best thing to do with Lieberman from the Democratic side is to find out who advised Gore he'd make a good VP and mark them as someone who you shouldn't trust for future advice.

Joe Lieberman would have jumped even if he had won the Senate seat as a Democrat at the first possible excuse. It's still not too late to force him to say he would never jump in public while Democratic voters in Connecticut can hear him try to wiggle out of a firm committment.
Right, Joe votes the way he thinks is best.

Unfortunately, what Joe "thinks is best" is more likely to be aligned with what George Bush thinks is best.

How terrible.

Yep. It sure is. But none of that's going to matter when Ned beats him again next month.

I wonder . . . if the election is close, will Lieberman fight any harder (via the courts, the media, etc.) to keep his seat than he did for he Gore / Lieberman ticket in Florida?
Holy "rape gurney" Joe should have been stripped the moment he announced his indy run. He does us much more damage as a dem, and why would we want a spy in the Dem caucus??? The repubs have already said they don't want him, the most value he has for them is as a dissenting Dem. If he were to go over to the repub caucus, he would be entering with no seniority, and would be worthless as a foghorn of Rovian talking points.
hmmm, if Joe does what he thinks is right, and that often aligns him with Bush... Go figure.

Oh Joan, being a democrat or a republican doesnt obligate one to stick blindly by the party. Funny, you all herald Powell for breaking with Bush, but anyone who breaks with the democrats is evil. Are you really that stupid to think that way?
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