Disclosure: I worked for the Lamont campaign doing web design and production and some writing for the official blog (from 9/5/06 to 11/07/06).

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Last Call

I really don't know whether this will be the final post on this blog or not, but I'm taking a break from all things online next week, and afterwards, who knows. It seems incongruous to keep posting on a single-race blog now that that race is over, even though there's still much to be said about what this race ultimately meant. I am sure I will re-engage in blogging somewhere soon. If you would like to be informed about it, you can send me an email at the address on the left.

In the meantime, thank you so much for reading this blog and being a part of what really became a social movement both online and offline, in state and out of state. Thank you to the daily visitors and regular commenters here. Thank you to CTKeith, DeanFan, and the others who were on top of this race online from the very beginning. Thanks to BranfordBoy, CTBlogger, Spazeboy, and CTBob who were on the ground providing the energy for this race from early on. Thanks to Scarce for being omniscient and omnipresent. Thanks to everyone else at My Left Nutmeg for providing an indispensable community forum - something that really should be nurtured and expanded in the weeks and months ahead. Thanks to the national bloggers at Atrios, Daily Kos, MyDD, Crooks and Liars, Firedoglake, and everywhere else who were so helpful on a daily basis encouraging the type of broad nationwide support that was so crucial in making this into more than just a local race with local impact.

Thanks especially to Tim Tagaris, who came in and showed us all how this is done (notwithstanding his poor judgment in hiring me after the primary), and the rest of the campaign team, who were so inspiring, first to work with, and then to work for.

And of course, thanks to Ned, who inspired so many and who, I have little doubt, will continue to do so.

This was never about one person, though. It was always about ordinary citizens finding strength in each other. That type of shift in power is incredibly threatening to the existing power centers in both government and in the corporate world, which explains the $12,000 checks that flew into the Lieberman coffers as much as it explains the inaction by most Republicans and betrayal by some Democrats during the general election.

We took on one major party in the primary, and we won an historic victory. But, in so many ways, we had to take on the combined efforts of two major parties in the general - an even more herculean task that, amazingly, we almost pulled off too.

In the meantime, we made Joe Lieberman a vestigial senator. He is no longer a Democrat. He chose to leave the party in July. In August, 52% of Democrats rendered their clear verdict. In November, the margin was even greater (about two-thirds of Democrats voting against him, according to one exit poll). Joe has long derived his power from claiming to speak for a largely mythical "center" in the Democratic party while constantly advocating positions that place him to the right of many Republicans. No more.

To place a (D) after his name at this point would be to say to Connecticut Democrats that they don't ultimately get to decide who represents their party - that the Tim Russerts of the world get to do so. It would be insulting, disrespectful, and wrong. Joe can vote however he wants or caucus with whichever party he wants, but he is not a Democrat. Having re-stated multiple times that his vote for organizing the senate is not up for grabs, he is now just one of 100 senators. And - on the war especially - there will be many Republicans who will be more likely than Sen. Lieberman to be the 51st vote (and 52nd, and 53rd) for meaningful legislation. Those votes should be welcomed. There are also many new Democrats - like Jim Webb (D-VA) and Jon Tester (D-MT) - who will more truly represent the center in American politics.

Going forwards, Sen. Lieberman has a choice. He can either face this reality, or ignore it at his own peril. He can either become responsive to his constituents, or become even less relevant. He can either continue to be beholden to the lobbyists and D.C. "bipartisan" power centers that bailed him out post-primary, or he can start being beholden to the people of Connecticut again. The choice is his. Those who have worked for the last year to hold their senator accountable - from Ned on down - aren't going anywhere.

Thank you for everything you've done, Charles. Your example here was one of the reasons I started my blog, and I appreciate your efforts to see better government become a reality.

All the best to you in the future, and regardless which path you choose for yourself, I know you'll stay involved and be a valuable part of the solution.

Bob Adams
Charles, add my affirmation to Bob's thank you.

M Palmer
Hey Charles, its been fun and don't be a stranger...

And ahem, prediction, anything ringing any bells?
Ned Lamont's race was stolen:

Lieberman's opponent in 2000, Phil Giordano, got 448,077 votes:


Lieberman's opponent in 2006, Ned Lamont, also got 448,077 votes:



Yeah, anyway...

Thanks Charles for setting the gold standard for a blog originally unaffiliated with a political campaign. Easily the best I've seen.
Thanks for your excellent work and please do stick around!
Thank you for everything Charles!

I say keep the blog. You can just change the header to a picture of all things Lamont (Lamont-Hussey Observatory, Lamont, Wyoming, WY, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Ned Lamont, Lamont Sanford, Harvard Lamont Library, french mountains La Monts, etc.) and shift into being a personal blog.

You do too good a job writing for this to go away. Even if you post on MLN, MyDD, Daily Kos, and TPM it's good for your own records just to keep all the posts together on your own blog. Long live Lamontblog!
Thank you, Charles. I will truly miss my daily fix of coming to your blog. You stayed on top of things and helped bring Ned's message to thousands. Best of luck to you and will be looking for your postings elsewhere.
Enjoy your break. But I do believe that this blog, under it's current name, has a maqjor role to play over the next two years. Lamont may have lost, but he won enough support that he's now a symbol for a people-powered candidate who can make an incumbent shoe-in for re-election sweat and work hard. The blogs that sustained and helped Lamont this year need to keep going. Lamont might have lost in 2006, but his candidacy helped fuel turnout that helped Democrats take both houses. He also proved that while incumbents have advantages and are hard to beat that they are not invincible.

Lamont/Lieberman was just one race and this was a single rqace blog. But, it can be more than that. Please, keep it going.
I think you did a great job here and so did the Real democrats of CT! I am ashamed of the way that Ned was treated by the national party and many Democratic Senators around the country!

I hope Ned sends a BILL to Schumer, Ried and all the Dems who played kiss ass to Lieberman for the money spent to run against that traitor twice. Lieberman and those sell outs in the party can go straight to hell and I truly hope that that pathetic example of a senator screws the same assholes who sold out the Connecticut
Democratic party! I hope the Ct democrats do something aggressive to stop this abuse of the election system which that liar took advantage of! He used money and resources appropriated for Democrats and used it to run against an honest democrat with the help of the republicans to thwart the party!

I am thoroughly disgusted with the traitors who are in CT! The are shameful cowards and I truly hope they get F^cked by this piece of shit who stole the election.
I am not a sore loser I am damn mad and I’m not going to take it anymore! The chairman of the CT Dems better grow a set and give the membership some words of wisdom because this is unacceptable. I am going raise hell at every meeting I attend in my state and make sure we set rules so this type of betrayal will never be allowed to happen!

Every death due to this Iraq disaster is now even more the responsibility of the traitor Dems in CT and that smarmy little bastard that helped rob the senate seat from Lamont!
The people of CT will soon enough rue their decision. Why not turn blog into Joe-watch, if you could stomach it?
TParty--thanks for your informative posts each day. It was a part of my morning coffee for months and months.
Happy trails!
Thanks for the memories. For months, this blog was the first I checked on each morning for my fill of inspiration for the election. All the best...
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