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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Sec. of Defense Joe Lieberman?

Wouldn't that be hilarious...

...well, guess not. Maybe he'll be the new UN Ambassador or something.
It may just be offered to him. It is all a beautiful dance: wait until the day after the elections to announce Rummy's "firing", appoint Pal Joey, Rell appoints a repub senator, the Senate is deadlocked, Cheney is the deciding vote (he replaces Bush as the Decider).
Oh Gawd! The thought of having to tolerate (expletive deleted) Joe for yet another six years. Here's my analysis of the election. Dem winds blew strongly throughout the country, against Bush, against the Iraq war, but not in CT. Joe dragged down the entire Dem slate. It's incomprehensible that (one of) Bush's most vociferous cheerleader(s) escaped relatively unscathed.

Watching Ned last night, I felt sad for our state, our country. We lost a precious resource this time. To me, Ned is the senator our state deserves and I truly hope that he runs again. I do think that in time, CT voters will understand how poor their judgment was yesterday.
Maybe Lieberman will be the replacement for Cheney.
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