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Monday, April 24, 2006


Hannity Censors The Word "Lieberman"

Joe breaks a promise, Hannity cuts off any mention of his name :

So I finally got through after holding for over an hour. I told him that I joined his “Hannity Insider” club and that I respected him for not using his show as one big commercial to sell his stuff (if you’ve ever listened to Bill O’reilly, you’ll know what I’m talking about). Hannity told me that he wasn’t in business to sell anything - that he just wanted to increase his listener base. Perfect segue. I told him that if he was serious about increasing his audience he should keep his solemn vow and have Joe Lieberman on once a month - just like he promised.

Everything past “If you” was dumped.

The next call was from Long Beach, CA. He got dumped also.

So they've broken up. It's so sad. Remember the two lovebirds right around Valentine's Day?

HANNITY: (Laughter) I'm thinking... I'm thinking Hannity Conservatives for Lieberman and I'll do a big fundraiser in Connecticut.

LIEBERMAN: Yeah, yeah. Let me just say, I appreciate your friendship, and I appreciate your support. Really.


HANNITY: Last question. If you ever want me to do anything, for you and your re-election, I think we ought to have Conservatives for Lieberman, a big fundraiser in Connecticut, and if I could ever do that, I'd make it the biggest blowout celebration ever.

LIEBERMAN: Thanks, pal. You're a great guy. It would just be fun to be with you. My wife, my daughters, my sons...

HANNITY: I don't know why they like me.

LIEBERMAN: You know, you're... well, you're a straight talker, that's one thing they like.

HANNITY: Alright, Senator.

LIEBERMAN: And you're a good to their... husband and father, so how could they not like you?

HANNITY: You're a great American, Senator.

LIEBERMAN: You too, pal.

Seems they're still tight. You've got to wonder about these conservative broadcast shows who won't even tolerate the mildest dissent. I can understand the need for time dalays and such but this was so innocuous as to pass over most people's heads. The product of One Think.

Newsflash Sean: you are in a business to sell. And that thing was your soul.
I just feel bad that thirdparty had to sit on hold for an hour listening to Hannity's bullshit before he got his chance.

Me, I can't take more that five minutes of the guy...plus, he's a coward and a hypocrite. In other words, he's perfect for Fox.
B.A.- I didn't call Hannity's show, it was Mike Stark who called in.

I think Mike has it right when he said Lieberman's folks probably tipped Sean off to the deluge of calls about to come their way. They were obviously quite prepared to pull the trigger the moment anyone said his name.
True. Perhaps it would have come off better if there was the element of surprise. Joe's people are definitely monitoring.
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