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Monday, April 24, 2006


Ned Lamont Says Rumsfeld Must Go

Statement posted at NedLamont.com:

"I agree with Senator Chris Dodd, and many others, that it's time for Donald Rumsfeld to go. I've said many times that those who got us into the Iraq war should be held accountable. A new Secretary of Defense will allow us the opportunity for a fresh reassessment of the situation, and to craft and carry out an honorable exit strategy."

Ned Lamont

Ned joins Sen. Chris Dodd and the entire CT Demorcatic establishment, Sen. Chuck Hagel and others in the GOP, seven eight retired generals, and most other elected Democratic officials around the country in calling for the president to fire Donald Rumsfeld.

George Bush's Favorite Democrat thinks whether Rummy stays or goes is "up to him and the president at whose pleasure he serves."
Last night, at our local Connecticut Veterans Meeting, I suggested that we invite Sen. Joe Lieberman to our 2006 Annual Memorial Day Dinner. I was shouted down by everybody.

"Are you serious?" one ex-Marine yelled. "Joe supports that mess in Iraq!"

Acutually, I wanted Joe to attend as I know he would have been booed off the stage. BTW, Joe has NEVER attended any of our local Vets Parades, Dinners, dedications, etc. He has been AWOL for us.
bobeedee- Have you ever invited Joe and has he declined your invitations?
Yes - Joe has NEVER attended any Veterans event we have organized, and has been invited to all. Now our group just does not want to even see his face.

Last night (Tuesday) we had another meeting with our Gold Star Mothers, and even they cringed when his name was mentioned.
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