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Sunday, April 09, 2006


Joe In Windsor: I'll Run as an Independent

BranfordBoy at My Left Nutmeg has the scoop on Lieberman's appearance in Windsor this morning:

Joe Lieberman will not rule out an independent run for the Senate in November, according to initial reports from his appearance in Windsor today.

According to a DTC member who was present, "It came right out of his mouth. He said, 'I'll wait and see how the primary comes out.' But he would not rule out running as an independent. 'I feel I have a lot to offer the state,' he said. And this after talking about what a great Democrat he was. I was shocked."

This is at least the third or fourth time Lieberman has refused to rule out running as an Independent, including the instance where Lieberman's camp specifically refuted Walter Shaprio's claim in a Salon article that he indeed had ruled out such a move.

Ned Lamont has clearly stated he will not run as an Independent and will support the Democrat in the general election in November.

Joe Lieberman has now clearly stated he cares more about his own personal career than he does about the opinion of Democratic voters in his state.

There is now clearly only one real Democrat in this race.

Call the DSCC and tell them you will not support them if they support Lieberman - a man who has repeatedly suggested he will bolt the party - in this Democratic primary:

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Phone (202) 224-2447
Fax (202) 969-0354

Update: Atrios compares Democrats supporting a possible Lieberman (I) run to the party supporting a Bernie Sanders (I) in VT. I don't even think they are worth comparing. One is the only independent in Congress whose views and loyalties are well-known, and is running in a general election. The other is a life-long Democrat who suddenly won't commit to remaining in his party, and is running in a Democratic primary. Apples and oranges.

(Update 2: To any flummoxed Eschatonians: Perhaps I should have made myself clearer. I completely understood Atrios' post. He and I are in complete agreement. However, he did compare the two races. My argument was that they're not even comparable.)

Also, BranfordBoy has these updates on the story at MLN:

UPDATE: Just spoke to ctblogger who is on the way home with audio of Joe. It should be up on ConnecticutBlog later today. He says it's screamingly obvious to him that Joe isn't even going to bother with a primary. Check his blog for his take on Joe's imminent departure from the Democratic party.

UPDATE 2: Fox 61 was all over this story and buttonholed Joe later at Newington. Watch the evening news!

Atrios didn't say that. What he said was:

There are special circumstances where the Party implicitly supporting an independent, such as in the case of Bernie Sanders, makes sense. But Joe's basically telling the primary voters of Connecticut - Democrats - that he doesn't respect them.

All this is rather strange as IIRC getting on the ballot in CT as an independent would be just about impossible for Lieberman to do...

(emphasis mine)

Atrios supports Lamont with frequent links to Ned's site and has Lamont on his ActBlue fundraising page. So far, 662 Eschatonians have raised $21898.21 for Lamont.


Just to say, you should amend your post.

Well? Are you going to withdraw your mischaracterization?
That wasn't me (renska). And other anonymous poster, give the dude some time. It's been less than an hour and it's a beautiful day. Maybe he's out enjoying it. Or maybe he had to run out and get some milk. Whatever. If he hasn't fixed it by tomorrow, then bitch at him.
Seriously man, Atrios was agreeing with you. You're only making yourself look stupid with posts like these.
Doesn't look to me like there's any serious issue between the comment above and Atrios. Branfordboy is basically saying the same thing as Atrios, not disagreeing with him. Be a shame if reaction to this post started revolving around that.

Glad to know this blg is here. Thanks for the latest on Joe's bad faith primary. Hey, Joe's a "maverick." Guess he takes that to me "I get to do want serves my self-interest and screw everything else."
resnka et al.- I updated the post with a clarification. There's no disagreement here at all.
Joe is a disrace. He is a typical politician (liar, theif, corporatist fascist, war monger). He could not care less about working families struggling to get by in the age of Bushivism. He needs to be thrown out of the Senate on his ear. Anyone who has been in office as long as Joe (regardless of party)is responsible for the mess our country is in, period. Vote out ALL republicans and ALL sitting Dems in 2006 and our Democracy might have a fighting chance.
CT Patriot in Joe's district who hates fascism and rober barons.
Good bye Joe...!!
Lieberman becoming an independent is like a fake Democrat that is really a Republican pretending to be a maverick. Oh, wait! That's exactly what Lieberman is.
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