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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Where's Joe?

Meeting privately with DTC members, it seems.

Why won't Sen. Liebeman appear at a single public event? Should any sitting 18-year incumbent senator really be that scared of answering a few questions from his own constituents?

Been away for a day. Regular posting to resume tomorrow.

Update: According to this comment at MLN, everyone's invited to see Joe speak in Windsor this Sunday:

Lieberman's office sent a staffer to stand-in for Joe at the DTC meeting tonight. He spoke after Ned. When he was through, the DTC chair announced the Sunday meeting with Joe, which was for DTC members, elected officials, and delegates. There were at least 20 non-DTC Lamontistas present, and on the spur of the moment, the Lieberman staffer said the Sunday meeting was open to everyone! I wonder if he'll regret that. Sunday-11:30 at Windsor Town Hall

That's this Sunday, April 9th, 11:30am, Windsor Town Hall.
Hey Joe!

Will you live or die a Democrat?

It's easy. Will you:

1) Rule out an Independent run.

2) Vow to endorse Lamont, were he to pull of the upset?


That you might skip the Dem Primary is strategically understandable. Republicans love your "bi-partisanship"!

However, let me go on the record that I will support you, (and the Party), each and every time. Dems cannot afford to be selfish, nor foolish.
You folks who will be at Windsor, don't forget to ask Joe if he's the Dem who's been meeting with the President and select Republicans about the prospect of the nuclear bombing of Iran.
After reading the Seymour Hersh story in the NEW YORKER, I've come to the conclusion that Lieberman is too busy getting ready to give Bush some fake bipartisan cover for his impending nuclear attack on Iran for him to be able to deal with the kinds of things normal U.S. Senators deal with.
I hope Joe brings "ALF" with him.
Joe is the reason why this country is in this mess today. He didn't have the balls to just run as Al Gore's running mate in 2000. He had to also duely run for Senate. Even though he should have been the Vice-President, he didn't use his position as a sitting Senator to challenge Bush's agenda. Thus, the reason why Gore endorsed Howard Dean. He is the sole reason why Democrats cannot be completly united to stop the Bush agenda and why he needs to be defeated for US Senate! We need to learn from nutcases like Zell Miller and Ed Koch! Weed out the traitors!
It's simple. Anyone who has been in office for 18 years IS THE PROBLEM. Look at the condition our country is in and then try to defend ANYONE who has been in office as long as Joe. ITS CAN"T BE DONE. The actions of our Government are UN- ACCETABLE. THe working poor/middle class need to stand up ,be counted, and be ready to fight.
We are tired of being screwed by rich poiliticians. GOOD BYE JOE ! And GOOD RIDDINCE!
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