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Friday, April 07, 2006


Teenager Stumps Lieberman Spokesman (Updated)

The Lieberman campaign sent political director Ken Dagliere to rebut Ned Lamont's appearance in front of the Windsor DTC last night. But apparently he wasn't completely up to the task, deferring on some questions to Lieberman himself, who will meet with the group on Sunday, and getting embarassed on the issue of foreign policy by a 17-year old (via ctnewsjunkie.com):

Dagliere also addressed the committee's concern about Iraq.

“The war is a big issue. The committee passed a resolution and the senator respects that,” Dagliere said. But “I'm here to remind you that we agree on a lot of things,” he added....

The campaign literature Dagliere distributed included several interest groups' ratings of Lieberman on their [domestic] issues....

But 17-year-old Ian Crone looked at the glossy pamphlet and said this is great, "but where’s the section on foreign policy?”

Dagliere said he had only brought the single pamphlet, and that he would send Crone, who said he'll be 18 in November, information on Lieberman’s foreign policy.

Lieberman has a pamphlet on foreign policy? Why not just send the kid some Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign literature?

Update (and bumped): It gets even better. Here's what one of Crone's friends has to say in response to the article:

I'm Ian Crone's friend, I was there yesterday, and Dagliere's response is lacking in context. For one, he never made any effort of taking down Ian's address. He never even asked his name. Secondly, I would highly doubt he ever intended to - Ian asked a very pointed question, and Dagliere's feathers were clearly ruffled. His words were perfectly reasonable, but his tone was pure anger. He was visibly shook up, and took a very combative tone to my friend, who asked a very reasonable question.

If Dagliere can't handle a smart 17 year old, can he handle Ned Lamont?

(HT: ctblogger.)
I'm friends with Ian, and this article doesn't put Dagliere's response in the proper context. He was not just stumped, he was pissed.

It was all too clear this foreign policy information wasn't inteded to be distributed, and Dagliere never approached Ian afterwards to get his name, much less his address.

Of course, considering his reaction, none of us expected this. His feathers were clearly ruffled. While his words were cordial, his tone was pure malice. He was visibly shook up, and took a very combative tone to my friend, who asked a very reasonable question.

If Dagliere can't handle a smart teenager, how can he handle Ned Lamont?

PS - I'm going to try to make it this Saturday. Ian's busy, but any questions anybody wants asked?
If you miss our elusive Senator Lieberman in Windsor at 11:30, you can see him in Suffield at 1:00 and Newington at 2:00. (Of course, be respectful and don't disrupt the events, especially the Suffield event, which is not about Joe.)

Lamont will be on Channel 3's Face the State with Al Terzi this Sunday at 11 am. The Canterbury Democrats have endorsed Lamont.
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