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Sunday, April 09, 2006


Lazy Sunday

Today, Lieberman appears at Windsor Town Hall at 11:30am, Suffield Town Hall at 1pm, and Newington Knights of Columbus Hall at 2pm. The local press is expecting him to take a beating:

NEWINGTON -- Sen. Joseph Lieberman, seeking a fourth term in the U.S. enate, may face some difficult questions at a meeting today at the Knights of Columbus Hall....

Lieberman has faced increasing criticismfrom what many in the Democratic party see as tendencies that are too Republican and too supportive of President George W. Bush.

Included in that group is New Britain’s Democratic town chairman, John McNamara, who said his personal opinion and sense is that "a significant portion of New Britain’s 31 delegates will support Lamont as I will do."

Tomorrow, the senator appears at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford for a 9am press conference on Global Warming and Climate Change in Room 2C on second floor (directions).

Any of these events would be a great place for someone to ask these questions, or any others that come to mind:

Will Sen. Lieberman support the Democratic candidate for senate in November?

Does Sen. Lieberman rule out leaving the Democratic party before November?

Has Sen. Lieberman been informed of any Bush administration plans for airstrikes on Iran?

As for Ned Lamont, he's on Face the State on WFSB at 11am this morning. Visit the official website for a list of other events this week around the state.
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