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Friday, April 07, 2006



I must have had Norman Rockwell on the brain after hearing about this uncanny life-imitating-art moment that occurred yesterday when a citizen named Harry Taylor stood up to calmly disagree with President Bush in North Carolina. Looking around Ned Lamont's website just now, I came across this photo that seemed equally Rockwellian:

Ned Lamont

Just a great photo.

The website has also recently been updated with an issues section. Have a look.
You would not believe how long it took to pose this photo! People were giving up and heading home after waiting for photos with Ned and only a handful of groups actually got snapped.
I grew up on Norman Rockwell, and your comment really hit a chord with me. I hadn't thought of Ned as a Norman Rockwell sort of character, but it is really there.

Somehow, it seems that Freedom from want could have been a family picture.

It fits perfectly with the Emily's introduction of her father talking about discussing politics at the dining room table.
My impression is more like "Mr Smith Goes to Washington" where a young idealist goes to the US Senate, Ned as Jefferson Smith, and Joe Lieberman as the Claude Rains character, Senator Paine.
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